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PCL Holding Group (or “the Group”), a leading player in Thailand’s centralized diagnostic market, was established in 1995 as a trader of diagnostic instrument and reagents. Currently, the Group is consisted of 6 companies, in which four of them are operating as a trader, and the other two as a service provider.

The Group has been able to secure and maintain their position in the market through the implementation and initiation of “Reagents Rental” strategy. Beyond the employment of this unique business strategy, recruiting of highly skilled personals has strengthen-up its foundation and capabilities to compete in the market.

Several favorable factors in Thailand, such as an increasing in aging population and urbanization trend, has together created a solid foundation for growth in healthcare industry. This clearly reflected a good opportunities for the Group to exploit this growth opportunities. As the Group has plenty of projects and expansion plans in the pipe-line in compliance with the industry growth, a huge significant amount of investment would be needed in the coming future. Collaboration with the right partner could allow them to fully utilize and exploit this growth opportunity. Hence, collaboration with the right partner is such a solution.