Executive Summary

PCL Holding Group (or “the Group”), a leading player in Thailand’s centralized diagnostic market, was established in 1995 as a trader of diagnostic instrument and reagents. Currently, the Group is consisted of 6 companies, in which four of them are operating as a trader, and the other two as a service provider.


    By the year 2025, PCL Holding will achieve USD 100 Million in total sales revenue, with successful product portfolio expansion and international market establishment


    To deliver the best possible solutions and to provide the highest possible value to our customers. We strive to be the supplier of choice for highest quality products and technical services in Diagnostics & Life Science Solutions


    Service Excellence
    IT Excellence
    Logistic Excellence
    Knowledge Excellence


    Continuously Supporting new & advance technology to Medical Laboratory in Thailand for the past 25 years has shown a significant improvement in Lab quality , standardization as well as patient satisfaction.   By introducing the LIS ( Laboratory information Software ) management together with interfacing to all equipment and Lab server as well as Hospital server has created the new standard platform of laboratory till today.  Together with the Robotic barcode labeling system on Blood tubes amongst growing in number of OPD Patients annually , it has also been offered and accommodated up to over 100 hospitals to reduce human error & reduce patient waiting time successfully.  In addition, we have initiated the new concept of One touch solution by using High speed Blood Transportation System to support Hospital to improve Laboratory Turnaround time & result to Patient safety ultimately

Quality Recognition

Our company, including its products and services meet the highest standard of local and global regulatory requirements for quality assurance